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Software developers and IT Consultants

About us

Rapid 36 is an IT and software consultancy and development company based in Hong Kong. We have provided solutions to a variety of clients including schools, universities, financial institutions, hotels and start ups.

To provide effective leadership, leaders need data to inform their decisions but the right people need to see the right data in the right place at the right time.

Our goal at Rapid 36 is to give you the right data to help you make the right decisions.

Our services

Consulting services

We help you ask the right questions to build systems that will enable your staff to make informed decisions that enhance your business operations.

Software services

We work with you to create bespoke solutions, provide training and support throughout the product's life cycle.


We can host your software on our servers or install it on your own server

Training services

We use our unique combination of education and technical expertise to offer training courses in software, leadership and professional development.


School management projects

Online report card systems, parent consultation booking, activities sign up, whole school management packages, sports day organiser for recording results.

Teaching software

Multilingual creative writing software, simple online games.

Other projects

Deal logging software for a number of major banks, hotel guest profiling system, online auction software for a charity, variety of web sites for charities and businesses.


PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JavaScript, Ajax, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Visual Basic


Andy Statham - CEO

Andy had over 30 years teaching experience in UK and Hong Kong prior to founding Rapid 36. With his background in education, Andy has consulted with numerous schools, with a speciality in school management and online reporting systems. He has also developed IT solutions for various financial and hospitality companies, and has been actively involved in educating the next generation in technical disciplines.

Marco Leung - Technical adviser

Marco is a project manager and software engineer with specialities in mobile and web applications. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Marco consulted with various government bodies and was involved in numerous state and nationwide project in Australia, as well as private sector companies in Hong Kong.
He obtained his MSc(Information Engineering) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he is currently tutoring the postgraduate mobile applications course.

Kevin Chin - Marketing Manager

Contact Rapid 36

Feel free to email us to find out more and to arrange a meeting to see how we can help you.