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Software developers and educational consultants
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We specialise in bespoke, data driven web applications using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL and MS Access

The range of our work is varied but has frequently been focused on education, particularly aspects of school administration

We also offer courses, lectures and workshops on the use and impact of technology in education




We have many years of experience in a variety of fields with particularly expertise in education. See below.


We work closely with our clients to develop software to meet their needs.


We give honest advice. If we think other products or vendors may be more suitable for your needs we will tell you.


We pride ourselves on our after sales support and rapid response to problems.



Andy Statham

CEO & Founder

Andy spent many years as Head of IT at Island School, HK. During this time he developed school management software and on leaving teaching he founded Rapid 36 to work full time in software development. He WAS CO-foundeR OF IEAwards which provided a radical alternative to traditional forms of IT assessment in secondary schools. Andy has recently become involved in running after school activities in local Hong Kong schools, offering local students challenging tasks in a relaxed environment. Andy is writing children's books and investigating the use of AI for developing illustrations.


Alan Dickson

Design consultant

Alan was Head of ICT & Media at Sha Tin College, HK for many years. He was co-founder of IEAwards and was founder and director of Media First HK. He is now Head of Media at the Korean International School. With Andy, Alan is writing children's books and investigating the use of AI for developing illustrations.


Peter Woodhead

Educational consultant

Peter is a life long educator having taught in nine schools from early years to post graduate level an experience which has given him a special insight into students’ learning and the pedagogy of effective teachers. He has taught Chemistry, Science, Social Studies and ICT from K to 12 and has recently focussed on teacher learning and assessment practice. He has been working with newly qualified teachers to help them develop their professional knowledge and practice. If teachers are learning well then so are students! My work in International and Local schools, as a teacher and senior administrator, has taught me a lot about the impact of culture on perceptions of teaching and learning. He believes that the fusion of western and eastern educational practices will create exciting opportunities for students, teachers and parents.


Anfield Anfield School, HK
School management system
PLKCKY Choi Kai Yau School, HK
Report card system
DB Deutsche Bank, HK
Deal logger (MS Access)
ICHK Education University, HK
Language learning system
Air quality monitoring system, Accident reporting system
Program design, project management, training
ESFSLC ESF Individual Needs
Individual needs pathways
GSIS German Swiss School, HK
Report card system
ICHK GHS Malkay School, Pakistan
Language learning system
HBC Hanoi Bible College, VN
Report card system, Program administration
HKU Hong Kong University Medical Faculty
Exam analysis system, muliple mini interview system
ICHK Hong Lok Yuen School, HK
Report card system
ICHK International College, HK
Report card system
ESF Island School, HK
Report card system, parent consultation, activities signup
LTPSS Law Ting Pong Secondary School, HK
Report card system, parent consultation, School Management System setup
MS Morgan Stanley, HK
Deal logger (MS Access)
Online auction site
ESFSLC TrunkAid (defunct)
SIS South Island School, HK
SQL Server reports


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